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Eugh, what a week.


Slightly over one week from European Vacation! Have found a place in Brussels (which I believe is near out hostel) that sells Westvleteren. I'm hoping they've got some when I'm there. They produce such a small quantity of their beer that it can be hard to get... virtually impossible outside of Belgium. That's also why it's going to cost in the neighbourhood of twelve Euros. The same store also has some vintage Chimay for around the same price. I'm going to allow myself one (or maybe two) big beer expenditures, because I'm not going all the way to Belgium to say, "Ummm, maybe I should just go for the cheap stuff... ?"

Beer is not the only thing I'm looking forward to. Other things: being romantic as hell all around France (hopefully this will be possible with gigantic MEC backpacks), eating lots of fresh French bread products, castles (sorry, chateaus), getting Sophie to translate everything for me (which doubles as being "romantic as hell" for two reasons: 1) because it's French, duh, and 2) I just think there's something romantic about having to rely on her to survive), bandes desinees (there's no way I can come back without a BD or Tintin related purchase), visiting Huda and possibly going out to a French club (or at least a bar where we become popular because everyone wants to practice their English on us), going up the Eiffel Tower at night, and so much more (like raw milk... don't ask). There's also the fact that I desperately need to not work for two weeks, recharge the batteries and (hopefully) regain some sanity.

My Morning Jacket is coming to Toronto in June! Yes, they're playing the Kool Haus, but I've been waiting quite some time to see them. I was hoping they'd play Bluesfest in Ottawa, but it looks like they'll be in Europe in July. Hopefully Evil Urges is wonderful. Is there anyway it can't be?

I've purchased lots of Jeffrey Brown in the past two weeks. He was at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last year and I can only hope he'll come again this year. I recommend Clumsy and Cat Getting Out Of A Bag as starting points for everyone.

Not to brag, but my tax refund was four figures this year. It's allowed me to purchase a couple of extra things for the Europe trip that I might not have otherwise (like a quick drying towel).

And finally, I get to try out DJing again this weekend. It's kind of at the back of my mind because of everything else that's going on, but I'm sure it'll be fun.


I was offered a temporary, full time position from the TPL (35hrs/week, with a raise of over $7/hr). It would've been for six weeks and started this past Monday. The problem, of course, was that I would've been away for two of those weeks so they're leaving the spot empty for three weeks until I get back, then deciding if it's still worth it to have me work full time. Dealing with work during my year off has been pretty emotionally draining at times. Thanks to the city's budget problems, positions have been hard to find. It was not my plan to be a page for this whole year off. So to know that I finally was getting rewarded for my seven years of hard work, then to have it all taken away because I finally took a vacation... it was difficult to swallow. Really makes me need that vacation even more.

Soph and I were checking train schedules yesterday for our trip, only to discover that prices had gone up. I can guess why (booking further in advance gets you a greater discount), it just sucked that a ticket I thought was $29 is now $66. It sucked the life out of me last night (combined with my work ordeal). I'm feeling a little better about it now, it was just one of those unexpected things.

It's not really important, but I find Canada's import laws annoying (at least the ones related to beer). If I lived in the States or Europe, as an example, I'd be able to buy Belgian beer from an exporter (like the shop I'm going to in Brussels) and have wonderful trappist beers sent to me. Instead, I'm at the whims of the LCBO. Hell, there's lots of Quebec beer that I can't get in Ontario! (Yet another reason to go to Montreal. The other big reason: Drawn and Quarterly store!)

I thought there were more things bugging me, but I've either forgotten them or feel better after writing out my other grievances. Also, pretend "Living with Soph" is in the listed in the "Ups".
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