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I really should be editing an essay right now, but I've been meaning to post for a week or so now. The past couple of days have been filled with thoughts of travelling, either in the summer or when I'm finally done school in August. So far, my wish list is this:
-New York City. Hopefully this will happen sometime between May and August, which will let me go to a game at Yankee Stadium before it goes defunct in 2008. Other than that, going to the Museum of Modern Art is a top priority, as well as the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of the NYPL [aka. the library at the beginning of Ghostbusters]. Oh, I'd also love to catch a show at the Bowery Ballroom. Hopefully room and board will be close to free *fingers crossed* so this is more likely to happen.
-Taking the train out to Vancouver. See most of the country, digest loads of Canadian books and music, then spend time checking out what Vancouver has to offer.
-London, England. There's probably only one way this will happen and that is an extended trip... but that will mean seeing a lot of Europe at the same time. Oh, how I dream about a Belgium beer weekend!
-Austin, Texas. This idea only started yesterday when I realized that, by this time next year, there would be nothing stopping me from checking out SXSW, though hopefully staying longer than the run of the fest. From all I hear of the fest, it's extremely chaotic and maddening, but it's something I'd like to experience once.

Speaking of fests, CMW has long come and gone, but I have to share some pics because it's rare that I get decent concert photos. Nothing sucks more than standing in a sea of digital SLR cameras with a much crappier camera. Oh well, the Mod Club lighting [and the crazy strobe lights of Under Byen] were there to save the day for me.


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Frida Hyvonen

Under Byen

And I realize I'm stupid for not having a Flickr account already.
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You SHOULD get a flickr account, the only problem is that for a free account you have a very low monthly upload limit... that may not matter or it may just force you take more photos to make a pro-account worth it, so it's win win I suppose.

Also, the second photo from the bottom is pretty wicked.