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I Am Mike and this Is My Heart

Live the Life You're Dreaming Of

Much like the transition from high school to university, the period after finishing university has a big "THIS WILL DETERMINE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" sign hanging over it. Except this time the decision process seems even harder. Do I spend the money to go to Grad School and not really know what I want to do [Film, Journalism, Archival/Library Science?]? Do I work? Travel? Whatever choice is made, it feels that one should be a little more self-reliant when they get that undergrad diploma.

So yeah, I'm freaking about a bit about finishing fourth year. And if I'm this scared now, I can only imagine what will happen next August when I'm finishing up my last course. Right now it's looking like I'll take a year off and work at the TPL, for different reasons. One being that I don't know if I want to do more schooling, and in what area. That and I don't have the cash [I don't do debts]. Working a year in the library system at a higher level job will give me a better idea if I want to stay there for a while. Or it won't. How much more can I figure out about the place? If nothing else, it will be a nice, steady paycheck that will let me do some travelling throughout the year. Can you believe I've never been to New York City? And I've still got to take the train from here to Vancouver. And there's always the possibility I may go on a visit to Japan...

In many ways my plan is just putting off making a bigger decision for a year, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was stuck in this plan for quite some time. But we'll see. We'll see what it's like being in Toronto when almost everyone is gone. There will definitely be some hard times trying to adjust next September and October, if not sooner.

Cuff The Duke - The Future Hangs

In a sudden change of topic, the TPL just got a little cooler. Not only are they [we?] putting on free concerts with Final Fantasy, Great Lake Swimmers and more, we're carrying their cds as well as a whole whack of other Toronto bands! So far I've also found Magneta Lane, Diableros, Gentleman Reg, Creeping Nobodies, old Jon-Rae and The River cds, Raising the Fawn, Caribou, Tangiers, Republic of Safety and Cuff the Duke! Libraries are cool, I tells ya.

And I can't wait till Questionable Content starts selling "She Blinded Me With Library Science!" shirts. I will be the first to buy.
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It's scary, innit? Except this time around the decision is a little less no-brainer (I mean really, it's not as if were NOT going to go to Uni, although there was this ABSOLUTELY stupid article I once read in the Star about a guy whose parents automatically assumed he was going to Uni instead of College, they didn't FORCE him, they just made the horrible error of assuming he would, and he admitted his mind had been made up sort of anyway, but since they had made that deadly assumption once in uni he was really depressed and dropped out and blamed it all on his parents assuming he would go to uni, not even any uni in particular, instead of college... incidentally David Hall's sister dated/knew that loser, according to Saba). And I keep assuming that I will get into Grad school, but this is a major assumption on my part, and yes, I know I could get into SOME grad school, but no fucking way am I going to Nipissing University... and so if that doesn't happen, my 5, well more like 3, year plan won't play out. Then I may very well end up working at Starbucks. Egads.
I'm surprised more people aren't freaking out... or maybe I just haven't heard it come up in conversation. Looking back, as you did, to high school, university selections were all the rage. There doesn't seem to be the same concern with most people about leaving university.

At least you've got a plan. I've got some wishy-washy ideas. If you do ever end up working in Starbucks, though I doubt you will, I will come visit you a lot as I'll probably be very bored and lonely once everyone leaves.