I Am Mike and this Is My Heart (mrjackwhite) wrote,
I Am Mike and this Is My Heart

Carry On Bellwoods

I an overwhelming sense of desire to start using this more for little bits and snippets...

It's nice to know that fellow Sloan fans enjoyed my interview with Andrew.

My interview with the Golden Dogs also recently went up. I should get to work on the Tokyo Police Club and Rogue Wave ones. I have to give Matthew credit for finding a great Golden Dogs photo I'd never seen before.

I band that I forgot to mention yesterday is Ohbijou. "Steep" is a great song and the vocals for "Misty Eyes" are incredibly similar to Eisley. But way less emo.

I always run into random people during the first week of school. Does this happen to anyone else? I ran into a friend from a first year class, Shoe from the Daybreak and Iulia's younger brother, which was just awful. The weirdest part of my week was finding out that the person who hired me at the TPL and my first ever boss is in my Contemporary American Fiction class. She's probably about twice my age. Luckily we've always gotten along.

Possible upcoming posts: comments on anecdotes from the film fest or thoughts on the chestnut tree outside my house.
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i'm actually kind of excited about the new sloan record. lots of good things being said. and every band needs their white album...
Between not liking the first single and been so very disappointed at their recent albums, I'm not expecting much. That being said, I'm going to the cd release party Tuesday, so we'll see what that brings
where and when is this so called cd release party?
ps. i love andrew, i am so jealous.
It's Tuesday night and I believe it's at the Lula Lounge.

And it's all sold out.
Yes! Jesus, it's been like a first year reunion since I got back from France... I've seen people from res, from italian class etc... so wierd. Because when you see them there's first the strange looks and then someone (usually me) goes, hey I remember you from such and such class... and then it's just akward. If it were a movie we'd go for coffee and then have hot sex or something... but alas.