I Am Mike and this Is My Heart (mrjackwhite) wrote,
I Am Mike and this Is My Heart

Poison Cup

I feel foolish for taking so long to listen to the new M. Ward album. All it took was a watching of his video for "Chinese Translation". That voice, those lyrics... magic. If only the video didn't have such awful stereotypes on how Chinese people look. But that's another story... This song seems like a great follow up from "I'll Be Yr Bird" off the last album.

Speaking on, why do people use "yr" for "your"? Wikipedia tells me, "An abbreviation for your, common in Beat and indie rock culture" but I was hoping someone could expand more.

It's been quite the week and a half. Lots of film festival and class [possibly my last time September will mean going back to school]. I don't think I can take volunteering at Varsity anymore, mainly because Yorkville has such an ugly feel during the fest, with the streets filled with people either wanting to see celebrities or wanting to be seen wearing fancy, and most likely ugly, clothing. I know TIFF is the people's festival, but I sometimes forget that I hate people en masse. And after you've seen publicists and various members of someone's entourage scramble around for one person, you realize how ridiculous it all is, the very business we call show.
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