I Am Mike and this Is My Heart (mrjackwhite) wrote,
I Am Mike and this Is My Heart

Cheer It On

I just came from a pretty freaking awesome interview with Tokyo Police Club (myspace). It was in their waiting room before playing Ryerson tonight and was well stocked with beer. And then lots of food.

All of which made for a very relaxed atmosphere and a very fun interview. After two phone interviews, it was nice to get back to the face-to-face kind. Plus, interviews are always easier when it's with people your age who are a little more carefree and not as serious all the time. I wish I was signed to Paper Bag.

Highlights included answers being stopped by people burping (see: beer comment) and slurping pineapple, as well as the constant arrival of more and more food (cheese, fruit, veggie and cold cut plates, as well as dips, pita and a loaf of Texas toast). The phrase "off the record" was also finally used in one of my interviews.

As unruly as it will be to type out (due to participation of all four band members and a less defined structure than the usual interviews), I'm hoping the final product will be emblematic of the spirit of the interview.

(I should also add that the band was absolutely floored by all the food and kept asking the Ryerson staff if they wanted any, and to bring up anyone who was hungry. They were more like poor university students than anything else)
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