I Am Mike and this Is My Heart (mrjackwhite) wrote,
I Am Mike and this Is My Heart

My Phone's On Vibrate For You

The Beatles - You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

I spent a good part of today running around, trying to buy a home phone with speakerphone so I could do my Golden Dogs interview today. I first went to The Bay [because I had a giftcard], only to come home and realize that I bought an accessory cordless handset that is useless on its own. Of course, the thousands of computer stores on College sell absolutely no other electronics, so I finally found a Bell World in a Chinatown mall. Then Dave from the Golden Dogs never called...

The next time a phone book gets printed, I'll be in it. That's kind of scary. The Man knows where I am...

On another annoying note, I expected to get a volunteer swag bag with my Film Festival volunteer shirt, but only got a shirt. So, all in all, I'm feeling pretty ripped off today. This calls for a relaxtion evening of homemade dinner, Quebec beer and National Treasure...
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