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A Thousand Different Versions of Yourself

What comes to mind when you think of a class action lawsuit? For me, it conjures up stupid Americans, smokers suing tobacco companies, fat people suing McDonalds, and commercials from law firms in Buffalo or Rochester trying to get people in on the fun. I was surprised when my mom forwarded me this article about a class action lawsuit against Dell that effected me! In short, certain Dell laptops, like mine, are prone to overheating and a premature failure of the motherboard. The argument is that Dell knew about this problem.

My compy, Eli, might be the king of overheating. I thought this was pretty hilarious and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. Two things I found hilarious: 1) The article is titled "Dell Inspirons inspire litigation". I can't resist a good pun. 2) The use of "premature" in the article. That word is blessed with hilarity...

On a complete different note, I love the idea of the OhMiBod. Unfortunately, I'm not a women and I don't own an iPod [though apparently this isn't a requirement]. In fact, I often wish I was a women, cause they have way awesome sex toys.

I'm also excited, nay titillated, for the various events Come As You Are has planned for this year. Sadly, I'm working on the night of their 10th Anniversary, but will be hitting up the Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair. One day I will also work up enough courage to go to one of their workshops.

Changing subjects yet again, I'm getting excited thinking about possibly research topics for my Studio Era essay. I'm thinking on doing a star study, either on Claudette Colbert, Errol Flynn, or Joan Fontaine (currently in my Facebook profile picture, with Laurence Olivier, from Hitchcock's Rebecca, a film you all should see). She is an absolute cutie, not to mention the sister of Olivia de Havilland.
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