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Penguins. Why'd it have to be penguins?

I saw this done on a music website a year or two ago and thought I'd give it a try this year. The Best Musical Moments in 2006.

10. Lily Allen - "LDN" 0:00-0:09. A great sample, perfectly setting the tone for the song.
9. Magneta Lane - "Daggers Out!" 0:06-0:18. Ninth spot for great use of distorted guitar.
8. Band of Horses - "The Funeral" 1:21-2:01. It's hard to pick one section of this song, as they all work so well, but this is the first big dynamic shift so that's why I've chosen it.
7. Belle & Sebastian - "Act of the Apostle II" 2:45-3:07. Just when I'm getting bored and claiming this song as a late-album filler, they give this wonderful sound bridge that oozes the feel of "A Day in the Life". I always forget about it when I'm listening to the song, so I always wind up saying "Holy shit" when it happens.
6. Loose Fur - "Thou Shalt Wilt" 0:55-1:13. A whole mix-mash of things going on, combined with the line "Still look at number eight/What better way to procreate?" gives a great absurdity to this part of the song.
5. Emily Haines - "The Maid Needs A Maid" 2:02-2:33. If a woman was singing, "You won't need a real job/You won't need a real job/Cause I would love to pay for you," to me, I would love her forever. I'll admit to wanting to be able to stay home, cook and raise the kids when I'm older and that gender reversal is what I get out of this song. And I love it.
4. Ohbijou - "Steep" 2:46-3:03 You think the song's over, but then they start it up again with strings, horns, a xylophone and one final hook.
3. Wilco - "Is That The Thanks I Get? (Live)" 0:35-0:39. Is there any type of song Wilco can't do? This is great soul-rock, with the excellent slides by Nels Cline, capped off with a great Tweedy falsetto. Try to find their performance of this song on Conan as it's excellent.
2. The Hold Steady - "Chillout Tent" 1:56-2:27. Unforgettable lyrics that work well in a low-key bridge.
1. The Dears - "Ballad of Humankindness" 2:00-2:36. A pretty mediocre album, and this song is about the same until the guitar starts, they bring in tambourines and Murray does his thing. When he really cares about his lyrics, he has a fierce passion that is unparalleled.

I figure that most people won't have these songs, so go here to get them.

Things to do during Xmas break
-read books I haven't had the time for in over a year [including the Chuck Klosterman book with the Wilco article, and Paul Has A Summer Job/Paul Moves Out by Michel Rabagliati, maybe re-read Confederacy of Dunces or some J.D. Salinger]
-watch movies and catch up on tv shows [including Freaks & Geeks, Gilda, His Girl Friday and maybe Scrubs season one]
-cook using fresh food
-buy and drink booze [especially Belgian beer that can only be found at Christmas time]
-make lists [like this one]
-go to Ottawa? [which will require buying ISIC card]
-clean up room
-donate clothes to Goodwill or other charity
-find a course for next semester, then not think of school till January 2nd
-work and make money to pay for Christmas spending
-see as many friends as possible for Christmas
-write more posts
-ponder about pop-culture and the commercial nature of society

Can anyone recommend good Christmas specials/episodes besides the usual ones like Rudolph, Frosty and Garfield? I've got the "Festivus" episode. I wonder if I can find the Nick and Jessica specials...

Things Pissing Me Off Right Now
-Penguins. They're everywhere! Happy Feet looks the same as the Coke ads that get played before the movie. Thanks a lot March of the Penguins. You were a sucky rental and now you're starting a fad.
-Conservatives. For all the reasons to hate Happy Feet, they're complaining that it is global warming propaganda with a bit of homosexuality thrown in. Do they not hear all the propaganda they spew out?! I really don't understand how people can defend global warming. Oh yeah, because they get rich of it and the Exxon stocks they own.
-How dry my skin is. I love winter, but my hands are like sandpaper. I don't care what my dish soap says, it's tough on hands, soft on grease.
-Seventeen magazine and all the ones like it. This months issue features this Beyonce quote: "I Was Like, Enough Of This - I'm Eating!" I've seen a couple of covers at work that feature quotes like this and, on the surface, it's great that they encourage normal eating habits but that doesn't change the fact that all the celebrities they put on their covers look like they have eating problems. Their words may say one thing, but the images of Kate Beckinsale and Nicole Richie still carry the message to be thin. I saw the pilot of Ugly Betty and I got the same idea from it. And no matter how many people say they love Kate Winslet because she has a normal body shape [or, rather, has a body shape], nothing changes. And I don't think it will.

And yes, I prefer my women with curves and a little junk in the trunk. It gives me something to grab on to.
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