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Bah! Has anyone else tried using Yousendit lately? They're making people login to download files! This sucks! I had songs for people, but that will have to be delayed...

Finally went to the Warhol exhibit at the AGO today. The construction sure has taken out most of the normal art, except the sculpture gallery with the weird stripper walls. Those walls were just the beginning of the erotic elements. In The Future Now they examined spirituality, food, community and, of course, gender. Many female nudes. There were also two people doing live art that looked like a bad acting class. It was a man and woman [fully clothed], and they were getting all physical with each other with slowed down motions. It was made weird because, a) you just walked into a room and they were in the middle kissing, touching, what-not, b) it took a second or two to register that it was art and not two people getting it on in the AGO, c) they would make eye contact with you sometimes, which is very unnerving.

In the Warhol exhibit there were two videos in particular. One was called "The Coach" and was various people doing various things on a couch in The Factory. It was a lot of different clips, some not dirty and some down right pornographic. The second was called "Blow Job" and was a video of a man's face as he received a blow job. It looked more awkward at times than anything else, and I'm not sure if the video showed his face climaxing [it's 41 minutes so I only saw a small part]. Very interesting as Warhol is described in the exhibit as a gay but asexual.

On the whole, the exhibit was interesting, but I'm not sure if the theme wound together too nicely. Cronenberg's narration [with Dennis Hopper and others] was a long at points, and his points often were overanalyzing the art or redundant. Or so I found.

Summer school is over, so I'm finally getting reading time. I'm currently working my way through Men Of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book. After that it's The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman [from The Daily show and the PC from these ads]. And then I'll probably start reading Lolita again to get ahead for September.

Yes folks, it's Jenna Fischer [Pam on the US version of The Office] like you've never seen her before.
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